These are books that I have written that can be downloaded or bought. I appreciate those who buy the books, but I have also uploaded them to the website for your reading pleasure.

Variations of Sanity (2009) FREE PDF

‘Variations of Sanity’, is my first attempt at writing after exploring the drug abuse of adolescence. If anything, it goes to show that as individuals working on our own crafts, we all have to start somewhere. So why not write about a whole bunch of crap until we develop ourselves more substantially.

These are insane rants and garbled nonsense. Products of insanity and madness. Hence the title ‘Variations of sanity’. I wrote this after a drug induced psychosis, these are products of a mentally ill mind with no coherent structure or suitable audience. They are rebellious, non-morally aligned writings that do not reflect my present state of mind or affiliations.

The Sky is Falling (2011) FREE PDF

‘The Sky is Falling’. My first attempt at a novel.  An interesting read… As long as your not a grammar nazi. My grammar isn’t that bad, I do know the difference between, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. I wrote this using Microsoft word as my only writing resource. Which, by all accounts, is a good program. But it’s grammar checking software isn’t that great. And that green line gets so annoying. I could go back and correct these things, but I believe you can’t be caught up on the one project for eternity. Learn from your mistakes and move on. I now use Ginger grammar checking software as my second set of eyes while working my material.

The Sky is Falling follows a series of dysfunctional characters in a Utopian world.

Infinity Plus One (2012) FREE PDF

‘Infinity Plus One’ is a novelette that I wrote after finishing, ‘The Sky is Falling’. Interesting little piece. Short and very esoteric in meaning. May be difficult to follow any coherent storyline. But there is a storyline to be followed…

The plot follows the development of inner demons in a fantasy based or delusional style

Nuggets of shit (2016) FREE PDF

The first one hundred or so short stories from the website. All that glitters ain’t gold. The stories are a mix of everything. Something in there for everyone. Some are good, some are bad… Different people like different things so I’ve tried to cover the broad spectrum.




The following are worthwhile causes you can donate to:


Education and stories for impoverished children. I volunteered at Katha some time back and although I wasn’t a teacher. I was able to write ‘Things are looking up for the 20th century’ over a course of six months. They are doing amazing things with education and developing an educational model for the impoverished in New Delhi. Education and school is where the learning and journey of knowledge begins. And we should all be given that chance to develop ourselves.

Child Watch Phuket

Thailand is a place that I have found myself living in from time to time. I studied there and also taught there. While I was in Phuket I was looking for places to volunteer at. I found this one and thought it was worthwhile for a mention.

Doctors without borders

Of course they’re doing good things. They are doctors, without borders… Doctors who have no borders. If we get them working with the guys who created the time machine then they will truly have no borders.


And finally:

As for me. I seem to get by working odd jobs. But there are a few things I would like to do:

I guess I would pay an editor to edit all of this incoherent babble.

Have to pay for the upkeep of the website too.

Try to get other artists involved in different projects.

Then… I would probably spend it on the gym. I already go to the gym. I take my time, my head is full of crap that doesn’t make much sense. So I take my time at the gym because I have a lot on my mind.

I would probably travel the world finding better causes for you to donate to…

I guess… Maybe buy a sandwich…



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