This website is dedicated to the works of Arie de Bruyn.


Arie de Bruyn was born on the 15th of January, 1987, in Sandringham (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia. Currently residing in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Has worked as: a bartender/barback, a cashier, a debt collector, an assistant in nursing, general labourer and an esl teacher.

Youngest son of Dirk de Bruyn (https://otherfilm.org/dirk-de-bruyn/) and Alison de Bruyn (Speech Pathologist)




The self published books include:

  • Variations of Sanity [A book of short stories, poems and prose (2009)]
  • The Sky is Falling [A novel of fiction (2011)]
  • Psychic Symphony [A novel of fiction (2013)]
  • Things are looking up for the twentieth century [A novel of fiction (2014)]
  • Tales of Woe, Misery and Despair [A novel of fiction (2017)]

Other writing formats:

Psychotic Tendencies Zine [A self-made zine hosting poems (2008)]

Ran the blog http://www.madbastard.net [Hosting short fiction. (2014 – 2019)]


  • Into Oblivion [1 min 26 sec, Claymation (2018)]
  • Contract for Sacrifice [6 min 15 sec, Claymation (2018)]
  • What’s Happening? [4 min 40 sec, Claymation (2018)]