There is not much joy in the world. You have to take in-between the hits. The hits can be anything from being fired from a job, to losing a lover, to losing a family member. You have to remember the joys in the world. The world is a great, big place. I’m afraid it will always be scary, that’s just human nature. Human nature in its ignorance allows for those sort of things to occur.

Everybody has their problems. You may not be the strongest, you may not be the best… However, there is a place for you in this world.

As a writer you may find them in these words, ‘I don’t have to put up with other people’s shit and other people don’t have to put up with mine.’ Not everybody wants the answers, you are robbing them of the journey of finding those things out for themselves. People will find you annoying, you will irritate them, disturb them and cause them pain. It is not your fault and it isn’t theirs’.

All you can do is offer words of encouragement to those who pursue something or some sort of motivation for those who don’t. It is a difficult thing to balance, the minds and egos of mankind. People will find their way eventually. Take those who oppose you as teachers. Do not react in violence, but sharpen your mind.

As a wise man once said or wrote, ‘Solitude is the gift.’ The writer will thrive in that sort of environment. His mind will ache, he will be a nervous wreck and may have to take a break from these things from time to time. But he or she will thrive. For those who do not like that sort of lifestyle, or do not find some sort of comfort or joy in it. They were not meant to write. They are socialites… Yes, they may very well work and from time to time write well. But not as an independent agent. They do not enjoy it.

There are different types of writers. And within those types of writers, subtypes and types beyond that. The list goes on and on. Go to a library, these are people just like you. The words like ink will flow through your veins and mind alike. You will find a way to help others, even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Obscure and abstract. Words count for something. They are an affirmation of your mind. Telling you that at least somebody agrees.

One day you may be able to perfect your craft and from there you can go on to perfect it further. There is always another step to take, another genre to encounter, more people like you who wish to avoid people that you want to meet. That is the respite from your efforts… Lend them a hand; show them that the world can shine bright. Some times of respite last longer than others.

You will change, you will morph, you will evolve. That is your mind learning. Break free from stagnation, embrace change by learning more about yourself. When people tell you not to think so much, ignore it, it’s your craft not theirs’. Take advice, listen to others, speak frequently and everything else that contradicts. Abide the law, break your mental barriers, do not act on your newfound ideas. They are ideas and nothing more. Some should not even be written down.

You are a dickhead. You are a legend. You are something in-between.


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