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Will, I thought you were gay

[Will, I thought you were gay, 859 words, Genre: Mind Fudge]

* Image courtesy of Dirk de Bruyn

It began with a night filled with dreams. Dreams of Jack Nicholson invading the conscious realms between reality and the incorporeal. The famous actor invaded the dreams of Edward. Edward, who was always complaining and whining. The figure of Jack, the archetype, had been sent in to his consciousness to sort out the mess that was Edward’s family life. To reveal some hidden entity of that which was the confusion existing behind his family life.

In the dream Mr. Nicholson had consumed a hearty breakfast with Edward’s eldest brother and himself at their family home. Ever so flatulent, the esteemed Mr. Nicholson had to break barriers between himself and the creation of celebrity status. And for this, flatulence was always a good place to start. Or so he and other celebrities had been led to believe when coming into connection with the plebiscites of the working class.

Now Edward belonged to a dysfunctional family and it was the archetype, or the idol, of Mr. Nicholson who had been sent in to sort out the great heaping mass of subterfuge. As Edward awoke for an appointment with the unemployment office within his locality, he began to envision that of Mr. Nicholson’s voice repeatedly commentating on the aspects of Edward’s life as Edward went about his business. It was not that Edward knew or realized who Mr. Nicholson was. Rather, the figure who was dissecting his life became a conglomerate of all of the films that Mr. Nicholson had starred in. An idol of sorts. A man with the wisdom of many years and great accomplishments strewn throughout his life.

It was the role of the entity. The non-existing entity that could not have been a possible figure of reality to sort through the mess of Edward’s mind. To help reach a higher understanding and enlighten him to aspects of his life that he knew nothing or little about. It was a mix of Mr. Nicholson’s character portrayals from, ‘the departed’, ‘anger management’, and, ‘as good as it gets,’ that made up the identity of this disreputable figure.

Edward showered as the noncorporeal entity of Mr. Nicholson quietly stood outside so that Edward could wash his genitals and other non-descriptionaries. But as soon as Edward had washed and clothed himself, Mr. Nicholson stood by and began dissecting the parts of Edward’s life that had become problematic to his existence.

Edward caught the bus and within his mind began to explain the root causes of his inner turmoil to this figure. The problems with his father that had helped develop him into one of the isolated classes within the circumference of the otherwise extended population.

Mr. Nicholson mocked Edward with such taunts as, “What’s the matter kid, your daddy didn’t love you? Wah wah… You big cry baby.”

It was then that Edward explained the psychology behind his trauma, in which his father had beaten him and the moment Edward had grown up to be able to defend himself, he took his child to court.

At which point the idol of Mr. Nicholson then stated, “Well, yeah… Actually, that is kind of fucked up.”

The figure understood that this child had been aligned against the system at a very young age. He followed Edward, making a running commentary within Edward’s head as he went to the job network agency. A place, where they promised the offer of full time employment, but hardly ever delivered on said promises.

As Edward rode the bus back home. Mr. Nicholson delivered upon his mind a situation. A situation in which his father had had a heart attack. A situation that was not completely ignorant of reality for his father rarely took care of his own health. In the vision, his father suffered from the calculated and escalating experience of heart palpitations. As his father lay there, dying on the floor, his last words were not of the disgust of Edward. For what Edward so often considered his fuck-up of an existence. But the last words were of confusion and disorder of one of his siblings in which he expressed, “Will, I thought you were gay.” And then his father faded away from the realm of human experience.

After delivering this vision to Edward. Edward realized that he was not the fuck-up he so often characterized in his own mind. “’Will, I thought you were gay’, that about explains it all now doesn’t it?” Mr. Nicholson commentated, “Your brother who went around, basically fucking anything that walked. Just imagine the confusion that occurred for your father when that son married a woman and decided to settle down and have a family. You thought you were confused kid, just imagine how your father feels after raising you and your other two brothers. The world makes about as much sense as putting ketchup on ice-cream.”

And with that. Delivering the lesson of his father’s experience of life, Edward felt he had some understanding of his own father, of his own life. Bringing peace and understanding onto the generational gap between men in the English speaking world, the archetype or idol of Mr. Nicholson delivers peace and understanding to all.

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