The cycle of Saturn had been completed. Over a course of thirty years, the Earth had gone around in the solar system, creating a cycle throughout the world. And once the planet had journeyed within its circumference. Going about the universe, transferring through the celestial divinities, it completed its cycle.

What did that mean exactly? For the Earth to cycle through the universe and complete the loop of its celestial pattern? It meant that the evolution of the self was also complete. That the soul had traversed through the journey as predestined by the event of birth. Everything was encoded within the genetics of one’s birth. One’s character and fate were all intertwined within the coding of dna and within the fabric of being of the individual.

And as every individual was raised, they consecrated their fate into their assigned vocation. Each generation continued to grow, to step forth into the world, into their vocation and assigned tasks. They had to go through all of their own trials and tribulations in order to do so. In order for them to take form as part of the world, they all had their own individual journeys that they had to complete so that they could become part of the functioning macrocosm that was society.

Everyone had come to complete their life cycle. They had become complete and whole individuals. And when confronted with their own existential purpose of building up one’s own life purpose and the sequential pattern of fate that asked them this one question, ‘What am I meant to do with all of my time?’ They did not understand, nor know what to do with themselves in the next stage of their lives. So, left with no other option, they partnered up and began to raise children of their own.

First they all got married. Then they consummated their marriages with the act of sex. Then came the conception of their children. And once the women were conceived with either a male or female gestate, they prepared themselves for the act of childbirth.

Because at the end of these things… At the end of these things, what was one to do with their time? They would slowly abide by the rules, the periods of tribulation and tests of their own raising. The lifecycle of Saturn had been completed. As occurs once every thirty years. They gather the things that they need for their lives and then bring it all together to complete the whole individual.

Most of the individuals had children. But what was to occur with the scraps of men who did not have children, nor did they belong in any sphere of human interaction? They were the leftovers, the refuge of society. And once that society had amassed a great heaving and hoeing of individual accumulation, what was left?

The renegades of society were what was left. Those that did not fit in, in any given situation. Those that did not belong. They were what was left. And what did they do with their time? Whatever they could do, whatever could be done… Because at the end of the day, any act of creation was better than an abstract act of destruction. And at the end of the day, that’s all that everyone else was doing with their time. Mindless acts of destruction.

And once the cycle of Saturn is completed. There are those who engage in the next cycle for the next generation and then there are those who are left over… To construct something out of nothing, that is, if they have the will to do so.


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