I lay on the bed, encompassment of it all.

I see the skies fade as I am taken to a dreamlike state.

Brilliance brings me in, light fades out.

Walking, whistling, breath of hair down my back.

Stalking, I feel it stalking down the night.

Walking behind me at a distance.

“You see dear fellow,” I hear a voice, “You see dear fellow.”

“I live and you die.”

Was it a conversation in the mind. I look blankly at the sky. Reading nothing. Speaking nothing. Breathing nothing. Eating nothing.

“Don’t you see. I live and you die.”

It will make a demon out of you if you do not decide.

Speak clearly.Concisely. For it’s time in this world is eternal and yours’, only short.

Take it all in dear fellow and remember I live and you die.

This is not about the writing, but the spirit.

The words condemn me, the spirit lives on.


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